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We all know those moments when you want to give a newbie on the net a reference to netiquette pages but can't find your favorite links anymore. On this page I try to collect some useful links on the subject...


Note for Hotmail users:

  • Some time ago Hotmail changed there service in a way which made Internet Explorer (the browser) users send mail in HTML format. That's against the RFC's and the netiquette and also very annoying. So please, if you use Hotmail, make sure the 'rich text' option is turned off.

Note for Outlook users:

  • Outlook is also one of those programs which use 'rich text' as default setting for sending mail. Note that if for some obscure reason you don't want to turn it off for all your mail, in outlook you can turn it of for specific addresses via the properties item in the 'Personal Address Book'. Do this at least for all mailinglists you are subsribed to. But better: turn it off completely.

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Nederlandse Links

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